APIs and Climate Change Conference

CLIMATE CHANGE & ASIAN and PACIFIC ISLANDER COMMUNITIES: Impacts on Health, Green Jobs, and the Pacific Islands

  • How does climate change connect to the work of Asian American and Pacific Islander community organizations?
  • How is climate change likely to affect the communities we serve?
  • How it is related to the commitments, missions and resources of our organizations?

Join us on Monday, September 26, from 1-5 pm to learn, network and plan next steps on these key questions.   This mini-conference is presented by the Environmental Justice Taskforce of the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council and the Asian Pacific American Climate Coalition

Where: The California Endowment, Center for Healthy Communities, 1000 N. Alameda, Los Angeles.

(easily accessible by Metro and Dash)

When: September 26, 1-5: Program (Light refreshments 12:30)


Topics to be discussed include:

§  Health Impacts of Climate Change & Air Pollution

§  Impacts on the Pacific Islands

§  Green Jobs/Green Economy

§  Community Interests and Climate Policy

§  Culture, Social Media & Environmental Justice

§  Youth Involvement

Guest Speakers:

§  State Senator Kevin de León

§  Mari Rose Taruc (Asian Pacific Environmental Network)
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