Healthier Students Are Better Learners: A Missing Link in School Reforms to Close the Achievement Gap

Check out the sections on obesity and on asthma. Both are very relevant to obesity prevention.

No matter how well teachers are prepared to teach, no matter what accountability measures are
put in place, no matter what governing structures are established for schools, educational progress will be profoundly limited if students are not motivated and able to learn. Health-related problems play a major role in limiting the motivation and ability to learn of urban minority youth, and interventions to address those problems can improve educational as well as health outcomes.

Healthier students are better learners. Recent research in fi elds ranging from neurosciences and child development to epidemiology and public health provide compelling evidence for the causal role that educationally relevant health disparities play in the educational achievement gap that plagues urban minority youth. This is why reducing these health disparities must be a fundamental part of school reform.

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