We Eat What We See First In Kitchen, Claim Researchers

So THAT’S why I never eat vegetables.

Are you battling hard to conquer your weight? If yes, then don’t just place the guilt on the food taken by you, as according to a novel research, scientists have claimed that the perilous situation of acute obesity is directly interrelated to the arrangements and situation of your kitchen.

According to a latest study, which was carried out by the researchers from New York’s Cornell University, individuals are thrice more inclined to eat the very first edible stuff their eyeballs catch when they are back home.

So, if a nutritious and well-made salad is the first item in the line of their visualization, researchers claim that there are ballooned possibilities that the person will eat it for dinner, brunch, lunch or whatever, as compared with fattening and non-healthy ready-made foodstuffs, provided they are held back and secure out-of-sight.

Therefore, the concept where our food items are kept marks a crucial and heavy influence on how much we eat, announced the study’s lead author Prof. Brian Wansink.

Prof. Wansink and his colleagues gathered images of nearly 100 kitchen stores and sideboards, and later questioned the participants to manage a record of whatever they consume for a specific duration of time.

To back their notion, researchers later analyzed an added 100 individuals and their kitchen arrangements to scan around the stuffing of their lockers and sideboards with a wide assortment of methods in order to analyze the influences on food consumption on obesity.

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