Early to Bed, Early to Rise Avoids Obesity

Go figure: more sleep is good for you!

A study published in the journal ‘Sleep’ states that eight hours of sleep each night in adolescence can avoid the condition of obesity. The research has been conducted by researchers from University of South Australia.

The researchers carried out a study on 2,000 Australian teenagers, aged 9 to 16, in order to find that whether or not sleep deprivation results in a negative effect on the body.

Researcher Dr. Carol Maher, Professor Tim Olds and Lisa Mortician, while conducting the research, involved certain information that hype collected in their idle time.

According to Dr. Mather, the research shows that teens going late to bed are at 1.5 times higher risk of developing obesity and at risk of becoming lethargic and physically inactive by 2.9-times. The reason of waking up till late night is the video games in computer or watching TV or indulgence in some inactive things.

The researchers also found that the teens that got up early were engaged in performing physical exercises regularly for at least 27 minutes. As per Dr. Maher, “It is only when you do the research and unpack the dynamic relationships between health and habits that you find trends that can potentially be altered with modifications to behavior and the social environment”.

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