Governor Brown Signs AB 6 and AB 69!

From our friends at California Food Policy Advocates:

Read Governor Brown’s press release. link

AB 6 Update
CFPA is excited to share the great news with all of our partners! Thanks to all of your ongoing support, advocacy efforts and local and statewide engagement AB 6 will make monumental changes to CalFresh. This is a huge step forward and opportunity to make a real change in client access and increase CalFresh participation.

We especially want to send our thanks and appreciation to Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes who as author of AB 6 diligently ushered this critical bill through the California Legislature. A big thank you also goes to all of the Assembly Members and Senators who have worked on these issues in the past. Though the road has been long and arduous, it’s always better late than never.

As signed AB 6…

  • Moves CalWORKs and CalFresh to a semi-annual reporting system! Removes the finger print image requirement for CalFresh!
  • Removes the finger print image requirement for CalFresh!
  • Implements a “Heat and Eat” program!

What does this mean for clients?
Fewer barriers to access!
Less paperwork!
More benefits!

When will we see change?
January 1st,  2012: Elimination of the finger print requirement for CalFresh goes into effect
January 1st, 2013: Heat and Eat program is implemented
April 1st, 2013: Semi-annual reporting is operative and staggered implementation begins
October 1st, 2013: All counties will have implemented semi-annual reporting

What’s Next?
Communication is essential to the success of the changes included in AB 6. While we move toward implementation there will be a number of opportunities to work with local partners, including community based organizations and administrators to develop strategies for effectively communicating these changes to clients and successfully transitioning our current practice to reflect these improvements.

Stay on the look-out for more information from CFPA as we outline next steps and upcoming opportunities to engage you and your community partners.

As always, if you have any questions about AB 6 and our upcoming work in this area please let us know. In addition, if you have ideas for how to garner momentum in your community around these improvements and need our support in any way, just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Read the Sacramento Bee’s story on AB 6 signature. link

 Contact: Alexis Fernandez at 510-433-1122 x111

AB 69 Update
We’re thrilled to announce that AB 69, CalFresh Senior Nutrition Benefits, was signed into law today! This bill is an important step in simplifying CalFresh enrollment barriers for seniors.

AB 69 could not have passed without your help
We especially want to thank the author of this bill, Assembly Member Beall, and our co-sponsors, Catholic Charities of California. As well as, Shannon Lahey, Wendy Peterson, Mark Lowry and the California Department of Aging for their ongoing support and unique contributions to this effort. Many thanks to our partner organizations for their letters of support, testimonies, phone calls and postcards to the Governor, and continued advocacy on this issue.

As signed AB6 will…

  • Target the senior population that is growing, and widely under participating in CalFresh
  • Implement best practices in senior enrollment from other states
  • Bring more federal dollars into the California Economy

What does this mean for Seniors?
In participating counties, when seniors apply for retirement benefits they will have the option of sharing their information to determin CalFresh eligibility. Counties will use this information from SSA to complete a CalFresh application. This enrollment method will make seniors aware of CalFresh benefits, as well as save time and reduce paperwork for both seniors and caseworkers.

What’s next?
As we move toward implementation of AB 69 in July 2012, there will be a chance to work with counties and present this opportunity to work with the Social Security Administration. At the same time, CFPA will work with the Department of Social Services to apply for federal waivers that simplify senior enrollment, including self-verification of medical and shelter expenses, income and standardization of medical deductions.

Stay on the look-out for more information from CFPA as we outline next steps and upcoming opportunities to engage you and your community partners.

Contact: Kerry Birnbach at 510-433-1122 x110

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