APIOPA is back!

APIOPA started half a decade ago in response to government agencies not recognizing that obesity is just as problematic in API communities as it is in any other. When we disaggregate the data, not only do we see the highest obesity rates of any community in Samoan and Tongan communities, we also see the rising fast food consumption rates in Pilipinos, and the highest change in type II diabetes rates of any racial group, among many other statistics.

Well, after a brief hiatus, we’d like to let you know that APIOPA is back and ready to work with you to make our voices heard!

The latest updates on our side?


  • APIOPA has hired a new project coordinator, and is pushing forward with a new program in Lennox and Carson (Click the links to read more about them).
  • We are also revamping our communications, and making sure that we are consistently updating community members on what we’re working on, and getting the appropriate feedback. Stay updated on the latest APIOPA happenings, and the most current obesity-related resources by visiting our website or following us on Twitter or Facebook.

In the near-future:

  • Not only are we looking to expand our programming, but we’re also looking to restart our membership (we ARE an Alliance after all). What has given us strength in fighting API obesity in the past has been community collaboration and coalition building of our diverse membership. It’s 2011 and that is still very much the case. Membership will allow us to share about the specific obesity-related issues impacting our individual communities, while also providing the space for us to collaborate and work on broader policy. If you’re interested in what membership entails, email Scott Chan at schan@ssgapiopa.org.

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