Doctors ‘could do more’ to prevent obesity-related cancers

I guess the big question (no pun intended) then is why?

Scientists at Dundee University believe medics could do much more to prevent obesity-related cancers.

Doctors and other healthcare professionals are missing opportunities to educate people about the links between obesity and cancer, experts say.

Research has shown obesity to be the largest preventable cause of cancer, after smoking.

Yet scientists at Dundee University say that not enough is being done to prevent obesity-related cancers and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence following treatment.

Their research revealed that bowel cancer patients are often given little dietary guidance or weight management advice after undergoing treatment for the disease.

Many doctors admitted they did not feel comfortable discussing diet and lifestyle with bowel cancer patients and did not even believe it was part of their role.

Professor Annie Anderson, who presented the findings at the National Cancer Research Institute cancer conference today (November 8th), said: “Our results show we’re missing key opportunities to provide crucial information to the people who need it most.

“Obesity is having a huge impact on cancer incidence worldwide. If we are to tackle the rising cancer incidence, we must do all we can to combat obesity.”

Earlier this year, Cancer Research UK data revealed that the risk of developing cancer between the ages of 40 and 59 years has risen by more than 20 per cent in a generation.

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