National Rec Center for APIs?

The National Park Service (NPS) is currently weighing public comment on four alternatives for the future of the San Gabriel Mountains! Fortunately, the NPS has responded to our concerns and provided Alternative D which calls for the creation of a San Gabriel Region National Recreation Area.  Click here to take action and tell the National Park Service you support Alternative D!

In Alternative D a “National Recreation Area” would: 1) provide the most opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation in the San Gabriel Mountains and along the San Gabriel River; 2) allow for signage in other languages in addition to English and culturally-appropriate facilities and programming; 3) improve transportation options for accessing nature in the San Gabriel region; and 4) offer the greatest help to our local economy.


  1. A National Recreation Area could help address the language specific needs of the API community by providing language specific visitor information and programs
  2. A National Recreation Area would help address our community’s rising obesity and diabetes crisis, by providing healthy outdoor recreation.
  3. A recreation area should include broad outreach to communities of color including ‘transit-to-trails’ programs to introduce communities to the forest. According to the City Project, only 4.5% of visitors to Angeles National Forest are Asian even though approximately 25 % of the population of the San Gabriel Valley and nearly 14% of the population of Los Angeles County is Asian.
  4. Alternative D will create a recreation area that provides increased recreation and educational opportunities for local residents and also protection for wild areas and rivers within the forest
  5. We support Alternative D because the National Park Service would have a lead role to manage it, bringing their resources, rangers and staff to help the US Forest Service which would continue to be lead managing agency for the Angeles National Forest. The NPS would also bring expertise with visitor and interpretative services, managing open space, etc.

We are trying to track what comments are put in. If you decide to comment, can you please let us know? Thanks!!

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