Free Fruit Trees!

We’re at it again!  On January 28th at Morningside High School in Inglewood, CA from 10am-4PM, our youth are distributing 1k Fruit Trees to 1k Families in partnership with TreePeople, Inglewood Unified and our new corporate sponsor, Waste Management.  The goal is to get a tree in the hands and homes (or apartments) of 1000 families.  Last year, we gave away roughly 700 trees in less than three hours and need your help to do it again!  If you know anyone, organizations or individuals, who’d be interested in receiving a fruit tree (s), please have them visit our website and apply at:  They can also send in the attached application via fax, email or call us at 323.952.3466 and we’ll speak to them directly.  Either way, we really need your help to spread the word since we’re trying to reach at least 1k families in Inglewood, the South Bay and South LA.   Also note, that we will have healthy cooking, tree-care, gardening and composting workshops as well as 1000 bags with tree care supplies provided by Waste Management.  We may also have blood pressure screenings and bicycle care training.  We’re excited that this effort has gained so much traction in our community as we work hard to build a local food system and food assets through our 100 Seeds of Change Initiative, an effort to build 100 community, school and home gardens.  Our 100 Seeds of Change effort speaks to the power youth have when they envision change for their community.  To see a clip of last year’s fruit tree distribution and to see our youth in action, CLICK HERE.


Also, below my signature is a list of additional efforts we’re doing to improve the education, health and well-being of youth of color by empowering them to use research as a tool for community and social change. If you know others who are interested in the activities listed below, please send them our way!

Best Regards,

D’Artagnan Scorza
PhD Candidate, UCLA Dept. of Education
Executive Director, Social Justice Learning Institute

IUSD Sustainability Advisor
664 E. Regent Street
Inglewood, CA 90301

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