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The Praxis Project is proud to announce the call for Letters of Interest for Everybody at the Table for Health (EAT4Health), a national leadership development initiative of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation. EAT4Health will build and leverage the strengths of grassroots organizations alongside the expertise of DC-based national organizations to foster a more informed, inclusive, and powerful advocacy process for food and farm policies that serve the goals of good health, environmental sustainability, and economic justice for all.

EAT4Health, a three year initiative, will initially provide funding and technical assistance for four community based organizations (CBOs). It is hoped that financial support for the initiative will grow so that an additional six CBOs can be brought into the initiative in its second year, creating a cohort of ten grantee partners.

Each CBO will annually receive a program support grant of $50,000, a fellowship award of $40,000, and $10,000 to use to contract placement of the Fellow with a DC-area national advocacy organization of their choice.  Groups that remain in compliance with the terms of their grant agreement may receive funding for each year of the three-year EAT4Health initiative.

 What kind of organizations should consider applying for EAT4Health funds?*

Non-profit, organizations who organize community members, workers and/or youth and whose work:

  • Currently supports community food-related initiatives that address one or more of the following issues: public health, nutrition, food access, urban agriculture, family farming, environmental justice, food-oriented business development, labor rights;
  • Provides a mechanism for low-income communities and communities of color to advocate for better food-related policies on behalf of their own communities.
  • Youth-led organizing groups and community-based groups with youth-organizing components are strongly encouraged to apply.

Examples of food and farm policy objectives for community based organizations include, but are not limited to, action to: enforce pollution standards on emissions from factory farms; increase public investment in regional food infrastructure, such as food hubs and commercial kitchens; require labeling of genetically modified foods; expand incentives for the purchase of fruits and vegetables using SNAP and WIC benefits; strengthen guidelines meant to curb predatory marketing of unhealthy food to children and teenagers.

For more information please visit us at where you can access the on-line application, sign up for information sessions and learn more about the EAT4Health initiative!

EAT4Health is a national program of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation in partnership with The Praxis Project and Community Science. The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation is a national foundation that supports grassroots organizations and movements in the United States working to change environmental, social, economic and political conditions to bring about a more just, equitable and sustainable world.  The Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that build the power of people – those most impacted and marginalized – to be actively involved in advancing solutions to the problems they face. The Praxis Project is a nonprofit organization that builds partnerships with local groups to influence policy making to address the underlying, systemic causes of community problems. Community Science is an award winning research and development organization that works with governments, foundations, and non-profit organizations on solutions to social problems through community and other systems changes. For more information on the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation please visit us on the web: For more information on Praxis and our other initiatives please visit us on the web at For more information on Community Science’s initiative, please visit us on the web

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