California Food Policy Advocates 2012 Legislative Agenda

Check out these legislative updates from our friends at CFPA:

CFPAs 2012 Legislative Agenda is taking shape! Were very excited for both the new and continuing partnerships that we have developed in order to further grow each proposal and work toward success in 2012. We look forward to building broad support for each bill and connecting these efforts to the great work thats already happening in communities across the state to improve the health and well-being of Californians.

Weve provided below an update for each of the proposals including links to related materials and next steps. If you would like to sign-up to receive periodic updates on individual proposals or the whole agenda you can subscribe to CFPAs legislative updates. link

Updates will also be made to CFPAs 2012 Legislative Agenda page on an ongoing basis. As more information and partner organization agendas become available we’ll also include information on legislation we are supporting, opposing, or monitoring.

Take a look at CFPAs 2012 Legislative Agenda page. link

AB 1560 (Fuentes) Food for Health:
Alligning Medi-Cal and Nutrition Assistance

AB 1560 seeks to ensure that Medi-Cal recipients can recieve CalFresh to support their health and well-being by removing the CalFresh gross income test for Medi-Cal recipients. This bill would:

  • Increase CalFresh participation
  • Provide low-income Californians with a packages of benefits beyond health coverage: in addition to CalFresh, children in those households would be directly certified for free school meals
  • Draw down federal nutrition benefit into the state economy
  • Bring California up to speed with 27 other states that have removed the assest test and raised the gross income threshold for SNAP (CalFresh) recipients.

Send Your Letter of Support Today!
AB 1560 is tentatively scheduled to go before the Assembly Human Services Committee on March 20. Please help this bill pass committee by sending in a letter of support. You can either write one of your own or use the template provided. Instructions on where to send the letter are included in the template.

AB 1560 sample lettter of support doc

For more info, please visit CFPA’s AB 1560 page. link

Questions? Contact Kerry Birnbach at 510.433.1122 x 110

AB 1594 (Eng) Improving Charter School Nutrition: Hunger Should Not Be a Choice

CFPA is happy announce that Assembly Member Mike Eng (D-Monterey Park) is the author of CFPAs Improving Charter School Nutrition proposal. In addition, Assembly Member Luis Alego (D- Salinas) has signed-on as principle co-author. AB 1594 seeks to extend the needy-student meal mandate to California charter schools, ensuring that all low-income California students have access to the free or reduced-price meals for which they are eligible.

Send Your Letter of Support Today!
Letters of support for AB 1594 can be sent to Assembly Member Engs office, as well as to your local Assembly Member and Senator. You can write your individual or organizational letter of support using CFPAs sample letter as a template. Please add your own personal or organizational information.

AB 1594 Sample Letter of Support. doc

For more info, please visit CFPAs AB 1594 page. link

Questions: Contact Alexis Fernández at 510.433.1122 x111

AB 1678 (Monning) Building Healthy School Environments: Curb Mobile Vending to Kids

Assembly Member Bill Monning (D-Carmel) has introduced AB 1678 Building Healthy School Environments: Curb Mobile Vending to Kids. CFPA is excited to sponsor this important piece of legislation that aims to restrict mobile food vending that targets students near elementary and secondary school campuses before, during, and after school. AB 1678 will help create environments that foster health, safety, and academic achievement for Californias kids

Please join us in bringing this important issue to Californias state legislators. We need your help with sending letters of support.

AB 1678 Sample Letter of Support. doc

For more info, please visit CFPA’s AB 1678 page.  link.

Questions: Contact Tia Shimada at 510.433.1122 x 109

AB 1781 (Brownley) Boost School Meal Particpation: Lining Up to Remove Stigma

Assembly Member Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica) has introduced AB 1781 Boost School Meal Particpation: Lining Up to Remove Stigma. This legislation would ensure that a reimbursable school meal be made available at any service line that school food service operates, manages or from which school food services recieves revenue, thereby decreasing stigma and creating an environment in which all students, particularly low-income students, are encouraged to particpate in school meals.

For more info, please visit CFPA AB 1781 page. link

Questions? Contact Markell Lewis at 510.433.1122 x107

AB 1872 (Alejo) Improving Child Care Nutrition:
Healthy Eating Starts Early

Most folks are surprised to learn that licensed family day care homes are not legally obligated to follow any nutrition standards for the meals and snacks they serve. By contrast, licensed child care centers must follow the Child and Adult Care Food Program [CACFP] meal pattern. To close this nutrition gap, AB 1872, authored by Assembly Member Luis Alejo (D-Salinas), would require, as a condition of licensure, that family day care homes also comply with the CACFP meal pattern. In addition, AB 1872 would oblige licensing authorities to inform all child care providers about how to participate in CACFP, a federal nutrition program that provides reimbursements to help cover the cost of meals and snacks.

Assembly Member Alejo is seeking co-authors for AB 1872.  Please ask your local legislator to serve as a co-author of AB 1872 using the co-author letter request below.

AB 1872 Co-author request/response letter. PDF

AB 1872 will be heard in the Assembly Human Services Committee on April 10or April 24 at 1:30 pm. Please fax your letters of support to Jim Beall, Chair of the Human Services Committee, at 916.319.2189 by Tuesday, April 3rd (please also fax a copy to CFPA at 510.433.1131.) You are urged to personalize the sample support letter to show why AB 1872 is needed and valuable!

AB 1872 Sample Letter of Support. doc

For more info, please visit CFPAs AB 1872 page. link

Questions? Contact Ellen Braff-Guajardo at 510.301.0824 or Elyse Homel Vitale at 619.501.8248.

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