Increase Access to Healthy, Affordable Food!

A close friend of mine wrote a legislative bill proposal recently that really caught my eye. The bill has been picked up by Asm. Nora Campos with Principal Co-Author Asm. Roger Hernandez. Asm. Campos’ office has requested that she reach out to as many organizations as she can to send in letters of support to help move the bill forward. Please join APIOPA in supporting AB 1897!

AB 1897 would increase Californians’ access to healthy, affordable food by amending the California Code to add a Healthy Food Element to city and county general plans. When creating general plans for the health and well-being of their communities, cities and counties would now be required to address affordable healthy food access:

  • Access to healthy food can include, but is not limited to, full and discount grocery stores, urban farming, community or school gardens, farmers markets.
  • Access to affordable food is encouraged by CalFresh (SNAP) and WIC acceptance
  • Physical access would be encouraged by the provision of transportation (shuttles, taxi vouchers, and car pools)
  • Additionally, the bill allows cities and counties to consider providing incentives for new grocery stores that engage in such practices as incorporating green energy, hiring locally, or providing nutrition classes and community meeting space in the store.  

Please note that the online bill language will reflect the amended language on March 24. If you’d like to see the bill language, please see attached document.

It would be wonderful to receive your letter of support by Friday, March 23, to give Campos’ office time to prepare the support documents before the bill goes before the Local Government Committee hearing in early April (exact date TBD).

Please email your letters of support or any questions you may have to Sedora Tantraphol at
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