Researchers Question BMI Method for judging a Person’s Health

The body mass index used for measuring the general health of people is being questioned by a recent research as the number of obese people in Australia has been found to be higher in actual as against the data revealed by BMI.

It has been revealed by a team of researchers from the Centre for Obesity Research and Education that people generally wrongly estimate their weight and height. The team has told that self-reported figures by Australians are mostly wrong.

However, Professor Paul O’Brien had affirmed previously that it is not apt to consider self-reporting for checking number of obese. Also, he had claimed there is no point to trust the data reported by people themselves. But, BMI was still being considered as the best method to measure a person’s health.

The team had carried out a survey in the year 2007-08, in which they had asked the participants to approximate their height and weight. All the respondents were also given an option of getting their actual height and weight measured. And improvements were seen as compared to the data revealed in 1995.

It was found by the team that while 18.8% men and 17.4% women suffered from obesity in 1995, the figure had fallen down to 11.4% men and 11.7% women in the latest study. But, it was equally noticed by the team that where on the one hand the BMI was showing less number of obese people, the actual measurements showed increased figures.

According to the findings, the reason behind the same was that both women as well as men tended to overestimate their height and underestimate their weight while self reporting their health. Thus, health experts recommend that actual measurements should be taken by doctors simply by assessing a person’s body and body fat percentage.

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