Healthy API Recipes

Often times I hear this from API community members:“I want to be healthy, but I don’t know what’s in my food.”

It’s just the truth; many of the healthy recipes materials that are produced do not always cater to the foods that we like to eat. We may know to eat less sodium, and watch our carb intake, but how does that translate in to any of our various cultural delicacies? Sometimes it seems like we have a special hybrid diet; eat healthy when it’s American mainstream food, and do whatever you want with your own culture’s food.

Well, have no fear, APIOPA is doing its best to help. We are currently compiling (and creating with a few volunteer dieticians) API recipes that not only show you how to prepare the food, but also analyze and tell you what is in the food you are eating. The list is slowly growing and we would love it if you can add to our collection. Please click here to check out all our different recipes.

For the truly lazy, we’ll be sending out healthy API recipes by newsletter every other week. Stay tuned!

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