The Walt Disney Company Takes Action to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

But I wonder how much profit they’ll make from this…

Company to Change Marketing Standards, Sell Healthier Foods and Beverages
The Walt Disney Company announced today that it will update marketing standards for its child-focused media outlets to ensure that foods and beverages advertised on them meet strong nutrition standards. Disney also announced it will make the foods and drinks it sells healthier, and unveiled a new labeling system to make it easier for kids and families to identify healthier choices. The changes are beginning now and will be fully implemented by 2015.

The pledges made by Disney are some of the most comprehensive marketing and nutrition standards put forth by a private company. In full, they will affect foods and beverages are sold at Disney theme parks, products advertised on Disney TV and radio channels and websites, and Disney-licensed products in the grocery-store aisles.

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