OAC Urges Policy Makers to Address Weight as a Matter of Health

Last month, the OAC, along with more than 45 partnering organizations, placed the above advertisement in Politico, a newspaper distributed to all elected officials on Capitol Hill. We placed this ad with the goal of grabbing the attention of legislators on Capitol Hill and getting the message across that obesity needs to be taken seriously and addressed as a matter of health.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States; however, until obesity is treated as a serious disease, it will not get the attention and action needed. That is why we want Congress to take notice and address weight as a matter of health!

Take Action!

We need you to help us get this message to Congress by contacting your elected officials and urging them to address weight as a matter of health. The OAC has made it easy for you to contact your elected officials on this issue through our Legislative Action Center. The Action Center is a helpful resource that you can use to locate your elected officials and then send them one of the pre-written messages that we have provided for you.

Spread the Word!

After you submit your message through the Legislative Action Center, it gives you the option to “Tell-a-friend.” Help us spread the word by sharing the message with your family, friends and colleagues! The Action Center allows you to share the link with up to six individuals, and it is as easy as simply entering their email addresses and clicking “send email.”

Help make a difference and take action today! Visit the OAC’s Legislative Action Center now by clicking here.>>>

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