In 2004, the Regional Nutrition Networks for Healthy, Active Families RFA left out Asians and Pacific Islanders (API) as specific target groups (Figure 1A.)

Figure 1A. Regional Nutrition Networks for Healthy, Active Families RFA #RNN-2004, L.A. County
Children’s 5 A Day – Power Play! Campaign $962,500
Latino 5 a Day Campaign $962,500
African American 5 a Day Campaign $275,000
5 A Day – Be Active! Worksite Program $75,000
TOTAL $2.2 mil

In response, Yuting Wong, UCLA intern at the Health Education Administration of Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, convened a forum in 2005 with community stakeholders to present her findings on API obesity. Attendees saw how APIs are not exempt from the obesity epidemic and that appropriately addressing this issue requires specific cultural competencies. Many who attended wanted to do more.

Interested stakeholders began meeting regularly as the API Obesity Workgroup (APIOW).  In May 2007, after much research and grant writing, APIOW secured partial funding from The California Endowment. In August of 2007, they hired staff and began the Community Action Group (CAG) pilot project under a new name: Asian and Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance (APIOPA). In January 2008, a grant from Kaiser Foundation Hospitals completed the funding needed for year 1.

APIOPA holds quarterly meetings to report its progress, maintain a public discussion of API obesity, and to strengthen the network of concerned community partners. To find out when the next quarterly meeting will be, check out our calendar .

Click here to read more about the APIOPA pilot project .

Disaggregated API Data

In 2007, the California Physical Fitness Testing Program collected disaggregated API ethnic data among 5th, 7th, and 9th graders. At seeing this, Sanaa Shabbir, a UCLA MPH candidate and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health intern, partnered with APIOPA to analyze and report her findings on API childhood obesity in Los Angeles County. In November 2008, Sanaa presented her research to representatives from public entities and community organizations all over Los Angeles County. Her research revealed overwhelming obesity incidence in Pacific Islander and South Asian communities specifically. Sanaa’s findings will be used to guide future obesity prevention projects.


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    There is always in increasing trend in obesity these days as more and more people turn into a sedentary lifestyle..

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