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Study: Fat People Burden Earth’s Resources

Linda Wertheimer talks to Dr. Ian Roberts, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Roberts led the research on a new study on global obesity. It shows that weight, not just population size, should be taken into account when planning how to deal with increasing pressure on resources.

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Hawthorne police meet with Tongan community at dinner

Hawthorne police officers aren’t alone in wanting to put a lid on a recent spate of gang violence at the hands of a local Tongan gang.

Leaders of Los Angeles County’s tight-knit Tongan community in Hawthorne, Carson and Lennox also don’t want to see police at their doors, arresting their youths.

The two groups shared their concerns and searched for ways to quell brewing troubles during an unusual dinner meeting at Hawthorne Police Department this week.

Community Affairs Sgt. Chris Cognac made chicken-garlic linguine and members of the Tongan Community Services Center

Hawthorne Police officer Chris Cognac serves up a pasta and chicken meal he prepared for members of the Tongan community at Thursday’s dinner at the Hawthorne Police Department in order to foster better relationships in hopes of curbing gang violence. (Sean Hiller / Staff Photographer) Continue reading

Obesity Is A Major Environmental Threat, Study Says

This is worth posting for the picture alone:

The world population is now approaching 8 billion, all of whom need to eat. However, how much someone eats varies of course, depending to a large degree on mass. New research just published in the journal BMC Public Health “has estimated the total mass of the human population, defined its distribution by region, and the proportion of this biomass due to the overweight and obesity.”

Up to half of all the food an individual eats is used for physical activity, increased mass means an individual needs increased calories in order to move the heavier body around. Even at rest, larger bodies use more energy.

The research was done by using data from the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The researchers estimated that the adult human population weighs around 287 million tons, 15 million tons of which is people being overweight, and 3.5 million tons are due to obesity. Continue reading