How we do the APIOPA CSA

How is APIOPA doing this CSA?

First, we let Mr. Cha know how many veggies we plan to purchase every other week. Then, we meet Mr. Cha at the Montrose Farmer’s Market on Sunday. He has a lot of tasty veggies and we load up 5 different veggies for however many subscribers we get at the office.

Then we load both coolers (with ice packs in them) in to Scott’s car, and we store them until the next day. The cooler and ice packs help keep the veggies fresh until they can be distributed the following day.

Raquel Trinidad from Special Service for Groups shows off her new mustard greens.

Those who signed up come to the APIOPA office and pick the veggies up in a reusable bag. Then it’s up to them how they want to eat their fresh veggies. For those who don’t know how to cook certain veggies, we include some easy recipes as well.

If you are interested in how our CSA is doing, check for updates here.


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